Hello, I'm Terek

UI Designer & UX Developer

I create emotional, meaningful & innovative digital experiences. Focus is placed on crafting digital concepts to better enhance online experiences & connect businesses with customers.

Terek Janczik

UI Design

UI Design (frontend) refers to creating the user interface which is displayed to the visitor. This includes colour schemes, themes and typography in web design and is what I tend to learn towards in the website creation process.

UX Development

UX Development (backend) includes everything happening behind the scenes in order for an application or website to function. This can be data and error handling, storing and retrieving database information, processing forms and more.

Services I offer

Website design

Get a full website designed to suit your needs and client target audience. Each website comes fully documented from start to finish so that you know exactly how things work.

Website updates

If you need content updated on your website but don't want to waste unnecessary time learning the system; provide me with an update list and I will make the changes for you. This includes new pages, menu items, updated content and images.

Website optimization

Often websites have unnecessarily large images, excess files, links and code which can cause pages to load slowly taking away from a users experience of the website and can cause them to leave your site out of frustration.

Google services

Optimising your website for Google services is very important. Targeting specific keywords and demographics is vital to a website's performance. I offer Google Submissions, Ad words and Analytics for your website.

Spam prevention

If you are getting spammed through your website via contact forms, email signups or comments contact me and I will take the necessary steps to ensure that your spam is mitigated if not entirely resolved.

Search engine optimization

Optimise your website and increase your search ranking on Google when people are looking for products or services similar to those that you or your company offer.